Saturday, February 26, 2011

Played on Now Fear This - 2/26/11

Band Name - Song Title
Hourcast - Attraction
The Damned Things - We've Got a Situation Here
Deftones - You've Seen the Butcher
Halestorm - Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die
Powerman 5000 - Time Bomb
Pop Evil - Last Man Standing
All That Remains - Hold On
My Darkest Days - Move Your Body
Taddy Porter - Big Enough
Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
Foo Fighters - Rope
RED - Feed the Machine
Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough
Anew Revolution - Crucify
Rise Against - Help is On the Way
Middle Class Rut - New Low
Kopek - Cocaine Chest Pains
Signum A.D. - Bleeding Sun
The Black Keys - Howlin' For You
Linkin Park - Wretches and Kings
Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder
Stone Sour - Hesitate

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